Children are the reflection of parents

The family is the most important pillar of a person, however, parents have the difficult task of being a good example for their children, because as they say "children are the reflection of parents." To make it GetQoralHealth suggests the following recipe

The good example


1 Daily sample piece and positive
2 teaspoons of care
5 constancy drops
1 obligation cup
1 bundle of integrity

Add values ​​continuously

Condiments: Positive attitude, joy and affection

Chef's recommendation: A climate of trust and good communication at home promotes values ​​and security, creating permanent roots and lasting impressions.


1. The children imitate the behaviors of the parents, so if you want your children to have a style of Healthy life , do it; if you want them not to smoke, do not smoke. They say that an example is worth a thousand words.

2. Being an example is not an easy task, but with the day to day you learn to have appropriate behaviors and habits to transmit them to your children. Remember that what you do has a positive and negative impact on your family .

3. As you refine your attitudes your children improve their behaviors. The example causes such an impact that the children immediately acquire the changes and benefits of their parents.

The fact that you are their example does not mean that you can not be wrong, on the contrary it is a good teaching to recognize the mistakes and of course to correct them. Good luck!

Video Medicine: Every PARENT’S Responsibility: Ep 13 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles) (September 2020).