Chickenpox and its risks in adults

The chickenpox , although it occurs more frequently in children between 5 and 9 years of age, teenagers (from 15 years and up), can also be developed in Adults and it can be lethal . This disease is a highly contagious disease caused by the virus varicella zoster .

When the chickenpox , the results can be more serious in adults. The pneumonia It is the most common complication and occurs in almost 20% of infected people.

What happens in adults?

The consequences are usually very serious. In accordance with Adrián Canacasco , a family physician from the North Division Clinic of ISSSTE, there are reports that indicate that one in every thousand cases can present an alteration at brain level, also one in every 100 thousand can come to present a encephalitis ".

The most frequent symptoms are malaise, fever , headache , of throat , of joints and of bones , as well as injuries in the skin . The welts appear mainly in the chest , back Y face ; Less than 100 cutaneous lesions are considered mild varicella, while more than 500 are classified as severe.

The vaccination prevents illness and if present, makes it less severe. For children under 13 years of age, a dose , while the older ones at this age need two. However, it is contraindicated in women pregnant . Females in this state that contract chickenpox are at risk of a infection congenital of the fetus .

So the recommendation is that you're vaccinated and that if you have not developed it yet and you know that someone is sick of chickenpox , the best thing is that you stay away from him, to avoid any outbreak of infection.

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