Chewing gum detonate infections

A study of Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) reveals that the chewing gums chewed and glued on the street floor or any outdoor surface are a source of contamination and infections , that impact on the health of people.

Víctor Calderón Salinas, researcher at the Department of Biochemistry of Cinvestav , explains that chewing gum contains microorganisms of the person who chewed, which are exposed when thrown to the floor.

Even when they remain exposed to the environment, chewing gums can hold up to 10 thousand fungi or bacteria among which are the tuberculosis , salmonellosis or staphylococcus, which spread in the air infecting people.

However, in information published in, the academic clarifies that there are special machines to disintegrate the chewing gum and remove them from the ground, but the amount exceeds the budget to have an adequate maintenance of the devices, as well as the speed with which it becomes to pollute the street with these products.


Prevent infections!

To eliminate this old and bad habit you must start with your behavior, so you can follow the following recommendations of researcher Víctor Calderón:

  1. Avoid throwing the chewing gum on the floor
  2. Wrap the chewing gum on a piece of paper or the wrapper of the same product
  3. Deposit it in a garbage container

With these actions you will contribute to improve the health of all those around you and avoid infections that undermine the quality of life of others. Remember to enjoy chewing gum in a responsible way to enjoy its benefits. And you, what are you doing with your chewing gum?

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