Check up doctors for women ...

When talking about a check up, we are really addressing the issue of prevention and not of the disease, as "wrongly" is believed. Sample is the reduction, in mortality, of diseases such as breast cancer or uterus that would be achieved if they were diagnosed in early stage.


The timely detection allows a survival of more than 5 years in most patients. Reason why the monthly review is essential! ", Describes the Mexican Social Security Institute.


Check up doctors for women ...

Even if you feel good, it is important that you take these check-ups into account ...


Women from 20 to 30 years old


  • Self-exploration or exploration by your gynecologist of the mammary gland.
  • Pelvic ultrasound (to look at the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tube).
  • Papanicolaou
  • Detection of sexually transmitted diseases. Infections such as chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.


Women from 30 to 40 years old


  • Exploration of mammary gland or mammography.
  • Control of cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, adds fat to the blood and clogs the arteries.
  • Papanicolaou
  • Diagnosis of diabetes. One in two Latin American women has diabetes.
  • Perform once a year a complete blood count to rule out any anemia.


Women 50 years and older


  • Once a year, perform a mammogram
  • Densitometry One out of every 5 women over 50 years of age suffers from osteoporosis, which is the gradual deterioration of bone mass. Therefore it is vital to perform this test, which determines how much bone you have
  • Glaucoma detection. It is an eye disease that gradually deteriorates the vision and without proper treatment, can lead to blindness.
  • Papanicolaou
  • Examination of the colon and rectum. Colorectal cancer affects men and women equally.

It is important that you try to do this check up once a year. Remember, your health is your responsibility!


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