Charity soy against breast cancer

Diet can be an important part of the factors that increase or decrease the likelihood of cancer. Within many of the theories that are contemplated, it is said that the breast tumors They appear due to the hormone of estrogen, however, this hormone can be found in foods that we commonly consume, such as certain types of milk or yogurt up to types of bars and tofu, according to a recent investigation by TIME magazine.

However, the oriental culture presents a rate of suffering of breast cancer and of prostate cancer much less than the population of the West, says Dr. Carmen Aceves, a researcher at the Institute of Neurobiology at UNAM, located in Juriquilla, Queretaro. "However, it has been observed that when the eastern population migrates to western areas and change their diet, the cancer risk index increases at par. So some studies indicate that nutrition plays an important role in the incidence and progression of cancer "Aceves mentions.

The soy is a plant that contains chemicals, which include doses of a type of estrogen called phytoestrogen, which make this plant a highly recommended nutritional option for women who suffer and women who do not have breast cancer. They are active substances similar to our estrogen but are of plant origin, which seems to have the property of attenuating the response of our estrogens, and protect the prostate and breast cancer, said the researcher.

A recent study conducted more than 5 thousand women in China , studied the presence of breast cancer in two groups, one maintained a diet high in soybeans and another a low consumption. The results report that after 4 years after diagnosis, the first group had an 8% incidence of cancer risk. The group that had a low consumption of soybeans had a 11.2% risk of developing cancer under the same protocols.

The epidemiologist and leader of the research, Dr. Xiao-Ou Shu opined for the TIME magazine online publication that "Based on our studies, I feel very comfortable saying that soy-based food, particularly in amounts moderate, is safe and potentially beneficial ”.

The medical community has not yet ruled on whether it is advisable or not to include a soy diet in people suffering from breast cancer, so it is necessary before making a decision consult your doctor header.

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