Characteristics of a good lover in bed

Being a good lover has a lot to do with the characteristics and differences, desires, interests and expectations that exist between men and women, according to Chilean clinical psychologist Yoghi Alcalá .

For example, most men may have a more physical and constant desire, while for women it is better to have affective sex and a greater number of interests.

More important than the time a woman can stay in bed to be "considered a good lover", she must be bold and curious, but at the same time respectful to herself and her partner.

The proposal of the Chilean specialist coincides with the results of a survey prepared by the magazine Cosmopolitan in which the participants were asked to value their wife's behaviors in bed and to find them especially exciting when making love.


Characteristics of a good lover in bed

According to the Cosmopolitan magazine, there are six types of sexual activities that are extremely fundamental to be considered good in bed:

1.- Wild sex: The most primitive and animal encounter. Men love this kind of sex, especially after behaving like good children. The more passionate and uncontrolled his gestures are (within an order, of course) the more intense all sensations in sex will be.

2.- Sensual sex: Any erotic-romantic scene in a movie is enough to activate your partner's erogenous zones immediately. A relaxing vacation with salt baths, sauna and beach will get your boy to be much more active. Any external stimulus (the sound of water, hot sand, the smell of the sea) will awaken your senses and increase pleasure.

3.- Offer sex: Men are programmed to conquer, and see you surrender to him and his charms. The vision of a woman with her shirt open, showing her sexy lingerie, and her legs apart is very exciting for them, experts say.

4.- Prohibited sex: Public places, the use of some erotic toy, put into practice some morbid fantasy ... There are many options to get the adrenaline rush through your boy's veins. The reason is as simple as that doing something out of the ordinary gives morbid. Being good in bed often depends on external conditions.

5.- Spontaneous sex: Sometimes, they want to take their time in embracing you and enjoying sex for hours, but other times, what they want is to enjoy, period. And more if they arrive tired of work. What they want is easy sex: no preludes, no games, no caresses. The maximum pleasure in the minimum possible time. That's why quickies are ideal for stressed kids.

Also, if your boy is the one who has always taken the initiative in recent months, nothing will excite him more than the fact that now you are the one who says when, how and how far. The idea that you direct the situation excites them but also, they raise their ego.

One of the main conclusions of this survey and of these characteristics is that being good in bed depends on the sexual preferences of your lover. And you, are you a good lover?

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