Change the color of your eyes in 20 seconds

The doctor Gregg Homer claims to have created a new therapy laser beam that can change the colour of the eyes of an individual in just 20 seconds .

According to information from BBC World , the researcher assures that this treatment can eliminate the pigment (or melanin ) of the eyes brown color and gradually turn them blue.

In addition, he added that this technology It was already tested in a small group of patients in Mexico and seeks funding to carry out a larger trial.

For their part, other experts point out that caution should be exercised because the technique involves destroying the pigment in eyes , which can cause problems of view by allowing it to enter the pupil too much light.

The process is to take a picture of the iris of the eye with a computerized scanner to determine the areas to be treated, then a To be , using an exclusive pattern, which attacks point by point in that area of ​​the iris .

When it finishes covering the area it starts again from the beginning and in this way the process is repeated several times; In total, treatment only requires 20 seconds, reports Dr. Homer. "The To be works by stirring the pigment on the surface of the iris ", Dr. Homer informed.

For this, two frequencies are used that are absorbed by the dark pigment; the beam is completely absorbed so that there is no danger of damaging the rest of the eye . "The laser heats the pigment and change its cellular structure. The organism recognize then that you are cells are tissue damaged and responds with a protein. This in turn triggers another process that is like an army of small "pac-man" who digest the tissue at the molecular level ", explains the expert.

After the first week of treatment, the color of the eye it gets dark because the tissue changes its characteristics; however, after the process of "digestion" begins and after another three weeks the bluish tone begins to appear. It should be noted that because melanin does not regenerate the treatment, it is irreversible.

The therapies of laser beam are already used to extract the melanin of the skin and eliminate stains brown or freckles .

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