Change of work due to job dissatisfaction

There are a number of factors that negatively affect workers and that can produce a profound work dissatisfaction , which causes them to want to abandon or try a job change .

The work dissatisfaction is a negative response from the worker to his own work, which refers to a state of Uneasiness, anxiety or depression , and that depends, to a large extent, on working conditions and one's own personality, according to the portal

In Mexico, according to the National Employment Survey of the INEGI 2011 , 11.13% is in critical occupation conditions, so the index of work dissatisfaction It is too high in this sector. In fact, 3 out of 10 workers leave their jobs in Mexico for this reason.

In addition, among the main causes of work dissatisfaction There is little motivation, no possibility of development, low recognition of their work, bad relationships with bosses and colleagues, as well as bullying , conditions that affect occupational health.

In this regard, specialists from the School of Psychology of the UNAM They explain that this makes workers less productive, and they represent a higher cost to companies for accidents and illnesses that suffer because of their emotional state.

Also, if someone falls into this situation, they can present health problems as colds, stomach upsets and frequent headaches, which in turn generate absenteeism, more friction with peers and attacks of irritability.

Therefore, according to Trinidad Aparicio, clinical psychologist at the Alarcón Psychology Center of Granada , it is vital to offer workers the minimum physical and personal conditions necessary, because for many people, work gives meaning to their lives, increases their self-esteem and finds social recognition.

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