To have hemorrhoids Besides being annoying, it is a pity to consult with the doctor, but it is necessary that you do so and while you are going to consult, take these remedies to decrease the discomfort.

When veins in the rectum become inflamed, the internal tissue and the arterioles (3 pads of the rectal canal) swell, giving rise to hemorrhoids.

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Once they appear and the pain to sit or lie down is very intense, you should take certain precautions and complement your treatment with any of these home remedies :



The healing properties act at the level of nervous system , that's why it works as an antispasmodic-anti-inflammatory.

You can drink tea or infusion 2 or 3 times a day, or prepare an ointment chamomile and roses. S and mix 20 grams of beeswax with 20 grams of lanolin and a little boiled water with 10 grams of chamomile powder and 2 rose petals.

Prepare and store in a sterilized bottle and use it when it is at room temperature around the affected area.


Aloe vera

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