Cereal controls high blood pressure

A study published in the magazine American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that an increase in the consumption of whole grains, helps to keep regulated the arterial hypertension .

The research started from a sample of 31,684 men, between 40 and 75 years old, who were followed over 18 years, since 1986.

During the follow-up, 9 thousand 227 people developed arterial hypertension ; comparing the dietary intake of these individuals with that of those who remained free of the disease, it was found that fiber consumption acted as a protective factor against hypertension .

The researchers found that people who consumed higher amounts of whole grains they recorded fewer cases of arterial hypertension , among them wheat bran, which offered a more powerful protection factor against the disease.

A good part of the current food guides directed to the population recommend consuming whole grains (bread, pasta, rice or breakfast cereals) in portions of 85 grams per day, as the minimum recommended amount of whole grains and suggest that at least 50% of cereals and foods derived from bread, pasta, couscous, cereals breakfast or cookies that are eaten during the day are comprehensive.

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