Celebrities who support it

In the middle of the show, there have been several famous who have declared their desire to not having children and their need to live without feeling pressured by society, this time it is the turn of Renée Zellweger, who makes clear his priorities in life.

The actress stated the above in the middle of the promotion of the new film and said she was sure that be a mother It is not a priority in your life.


I do not need children to be happy "

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The protagonist of Bridget Jones, assured that the maternity It is not something that will take away your sleep. In addition, he confessed that he has always been concerned about being the most human possible, in times when there is a lot social pressure on the subject of being a mother.


Celebrities who support it

Recently, Jennifer Aniston also came out in defense of women who do not want to have children, as part of a successful life . The actress declared:


Having a baby does not measure my happiness or the success of my life, in my achievements or in anything else "

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