Celebrates new year without accidents

During the month of December the number of accidents vials and home, so the health authorities of Mexico recommend extreme precautions to enjoy the holidays of the season responsibly and carefree.

According to the Health Secretary (Ssa), the number of road accidents increases by 15%, of which 60% is related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, at home it is common for them to register accidents for the use of explosive rockets or fires for the recharges in Christmas lights connections.

To avoid these incidents, here are some recommendations to avoid harm to people and to contribute to having a healthy planet:

  1. Use flares (exclusively manipulated by adults)
  2. Turn off the Christmas series before going to bed or leaving home
  3. Place Christmas trees away from heaters, stoves or fireplaces
  4. In case of burns, avoid home remedies and place the affected part in the water jet, to moisturize the skin. Visit your doctor
  5. Use the seat belt, the baby chair and avoid talking on a cell phone
  6. Do not drive under the effects of alcohol

Care for your world

Some advice that gives us Walmart To have a green planet, free of contaminants are:

  1. Use a reusable bag to reduce plastic consumption
  2. Change your incandescent bulbs by saving lamps
  3. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  4. Save water in everyday activities (when brushing your teeth or shaving)

Remember that among your purposes for the next 12 months you can include: doing exercise , Stop to smoke , save and green your home to have a healthier planet.

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