Cassano will be operated on the heart

The Italian strikerAntonio Cassano will be submitted to a surgery of the heart in the next few days, due to a ischemic brain damage , which will force him to be several months off, announced AC Milan.

After the match on October 29 against Rome , the 29-year-old player was hospitalized for presenting movement problems and in the speaks .

According to information published in , the Transient ischemic attack , also referred to as minitrombo , altered the blood flow in the brain of Cassano, what caused him dizziness and the inability to speak ; however, apparently there are no consequences neurological permanent

This condition is due to a malformation at cardiac muscle , which causes a poor flow of blood at brain and that can produce possible restrictions of view , movement and the speaks .

According to AC Milan report: "The cause was identified as the presence of a permeable foramen ovale (FOP) cardiac inter arterial, detectable only with sophisticated and specialized investigations "; that is, a hole that separates atrium right of the left and that normally closes after being born.

The operation will be carried out in the next few days by the doctor Mario Carminati , responsible for cardiology of the congenital defects and one of the greatest experts in the field. Cassano will be anesthetized locally, because it is only necessary to close the orifice .

For this reason,Adriano Galliani , vice-president of Milan, spoke of the possibility that the period of recovery of the soccer player is of five or six months, besides that he will be able to return to play calmly, although his participation in the Eurocopa .

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