Cascarón vs cardiovascular diseases

Did you know that egg shell helps you prevent cardiovascular disease? Because of its rich calcium content, it helps to improve the body's functions. Therefore, students of National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) create a nutritional supplement, ideal for children, women of childbearing age and adults.

According to the students, this supplement called Polinut It is made with whey, iron, nopal fiber and egg shell, which has 94% calcium carbonate, which is why it is considered a natural source of this mineral.

José Alberto Fragoso Duarte , one of the creators of the product, points out that calcium is vital for the correct functioning of the organism, since it allows a correct coagulation and permeability of the membranes.

Calcium is an excellent nervous and neuromuscular regulator, it gives strength to bones, teeth and gums; prevents cardiovascular diseases because it lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure.

In order to take advantage of the calcium from the eggshell, it must be cleaned, dried, and then boiled with ascetic acid; grind and sieve, until a powder soluble in water is obtained.

However, to enrich this supplement and that can be used by children, women and adults, iron, folic acid, cactus fiber and antioxidants are added. A little whey is also added because it is depurative and regenerates the intestinal flora.

To be able to fully enjoy its benefits, you should only mix it with a little water or orange juice. Students recommend taking one envelope in the morning and another at night.

Remember that you must also perform at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity to prevent cardiovascular disease and overweight. And you, how do you take advantage of egg shells?

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