Cardiovascular disease present in 1 in 3 adults

The heart disease they are the first cause of death in Mexico. One in 3 adults faces, at some time in their life, a cardiovascular disease .

The heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death worldwide. Annually more than 7 million people die of heart problems.

However, what most concerns the scientific society, such as World Heart Federation and the Mexican Society of Cardiology (SMC), is that cardiovascular diseases are largely due to the bad eating habits alreadyl sedentarism that prevails in various countries like Mexico.

At a press conference the doctor Carlos Martínez , president of the SMC, confirmed his interest in the promotion and dissemination of primary prevention, and his commitment to the welfare and health of Mexicans:

"There is a very wrong public perception of the risks of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks or hypertension , as it is disproportionate the little attention paid to these issues in front of other health problems of greater media impact ".

This September 29 is celebrated on World Heart Day , with the purpose of making people aware of the importance of having healthy habits, through a diet low in sodium and fats; perform every day 40 minutes of exercise and learn to control the stress that is lived day by day:

"People must understand that the heart attacks and cerebrovascular strokes occur in both sexes and not just in men. It must stop smoke , eat in a balanced way, exercise regularly, measure every two weeks the blood pressure , the cholesterol and the glucose , just like him Body Mass Index ", Said the head of the SMC.

The explanation, according to Martinez, is that people with overweight , obesity , diabetes and hypertension , are more susceptible to developing a heart attack , regardless of their age range, so changes in lifestyles are crucial to prevent and improve their quality of life.

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