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Eye love is born? A few seconds are enough to determine whether a person likes you or not, and whether or not it attracts you. Therefore, for many women it is important be more attractive , and beyond makeup, there are scientifically proven ways that can help achieve this goal.

Attractiveness is subjective. According to a study by the University of British Columbia, in Canada, for women, happy men are less attractive, since they are more pleasant those who show arrogance and pride . On the other hand, men seem more attractive to women happy


Captivate your attention ...

To be more attractive you do not always have to resort to the scalpel or clothing, there are forms, which according to science can make you look more beautiful. That is why we give you these 7 options. You choose!

1. Lift your head and tilt your chin. According to a study published in the magazine Evolutionary Psychology , developed in the University of Newcastle, in England, the angle at which the face is tilted is vital to the attractiveness of the opposite sex.

2. Your favorite color is red. A study of University of Rochester shows that people who use the color red are shown to be sexually more attractive than those who use other colors.

3. Take care of your teeth. Having white teeth, well proportioned and uniform spaces, is more attractive in both sexes, as indicated by an investigation of the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire.

4. Smile This action makes the people more attractive, because it stimulates a part of the brain connected with sensory rewards. In addition, a smile -before a serious face- is an invitation to approach. This is what the American Psychological Association.

5. Relax. Women find men less attractive, calmer and more relaxed than others, according to a study by theRoyal Society B.

6. Your navel Aki Sinkkonen, from the University of Helsinki , suggests, after an analysis, that the deep navels of women are very attractive. Deep (though not too many) and delicate, since they are a characteristic that reflects a powerful sexuality.

7. Sleep. The dream is a repairing tool for the skin and has much to do with the previous point. When you sleep a minimum of 7 hours your skin will look rested and fresh, with a healthy appearance and attractive.

Coupled with these ways to look more attractive, you can include a diet balanced and a routine of physical activity. Remember that your health is in your hands!

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