Can it really cause cancer?

For Jackie Fox, smelling and feeling good was a fundamental part of his life. Daily, for 62 years, he used personal care and talcum products to achieve it, without knowing that these can be a cause of ovarian cancer .


Although Fox died in 2015, a US court sentenced Johnson & Johnson to pay $ 72 million, for its responsibility in manufacturing a defective product, negligence and conspiracy.

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Can it really cause cancer?

While talc is mainly composed of magnesium, silicon and oxygen, in its natural form it contains small amounts of other substances. One of them is asbestos, which when inhaled can cause lung cancer according to the American Cancer Society.

When it comes to ovarian cancer, there is no decisive test; however, a investigation Realized by Daniel Cramer, professor at Harvard University , reveals that talc is associated with a 33% increase in the risk of ovarian cancer.

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