Can it change your life?

The inflammation It is a physiological reaction that can induce death. How? According to a study published in the The Lancet, the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries triggers a chronic inflammation that can form clots in the blood, and later a heart attack.


In most cases, inflammation occurs when a virus exists or a blow has been received. This is because it is a response of the immune system to defend the body from a potential danger ", describes the Arthritis Foundation.


Can it change your life?

When the inflammation becomes chronic, beyond being beneficial, it becomes a health problem. Discover it!

1. Hurt your bowel. Many of the body's immune cells cluster around the intestines, says the Professor at Georgia State University, Timothy Denning . The problem is triggered when immune cells start attacking the digestive tract itself, a condition known as inflammatory bowel disease.

2. Causes cancer. A study of Harvard University notes that obese adolescents with high levels of inflammation have a 63% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer during adulthood.

3. Bad for the lungs. When inflammation occurs in these, it can cause accumulation of fluid and narrowing of the airways, what difficulty the breathing . Asthma and episema are an example of this.

4. It damages your gum. Inflammation can also wreak havoc on your mouth in the form of periodontitis. This disease causes the gums to retract and the bone structure around the teeth to weaken. According to the Harvard University , the consumption of Omega 3 can help to prevent this situation.

5. Bones. The inflammation The whole body can interfere with the growth of bones and even promote a greater loss of bone mass, says a study published in Journal of Endocrinology.

The effects of this problem are not only internal, it shows the skin. Example, psoriasis, which occurs when the immune system causes the skin to grow too fast. When it goes out of control it is essential that you go with a health expert. Beware!

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