By age, the risk of breast cancer is reduced

The research group of the Mayo Clinic specialized in the oncology field, led by Lynn Hartmann specified that the natural aging of the breast tissue, decreases the risk of breast cancer, because when women mature, especially when passing the menopause , the lobes (milk producing glands) and alveoli eliminate their functions completely.

This natural process is called "regression or lobular involution ", Which gives rise to the threat to develop breast cancer is halved in patients who have this complete regression, compared with those who have not registered.

However, "if the alveoli have not disappeared in their majority at 55 years, the risk of suffering breast cancer it triples, "confirms Hartmann.

After examining in detail structures in a large sample of non-cancerous tissues, the scientists were able to observe standard measurements in the size of the lobes and the number of alveoli they contain and developed precise measurements on which to base individual risk.

Women with a greater predisposition to developing breast cancer had larger lobes with more alveoli, Hartmann said.

Dr. Lynn Hartmann, insists that "the risk of breast cancer increases among women who do not have involution in the breast as they age."

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