Burns fat with the oar

If you already got bored of going to the gym and doing the same exercises , change your activity and focus on rowing . This sport, which is practiced in the aquatic environment or inside a room, will help you burn the grease of your whole body and to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

According to the General Directorate of Sports and Recreational Activities of the UNAM , the rowing helps eliminate deposits grease accumulated and to tone each muscle of the body, thanks to the force applied and the movements of the torso.

Although it is an outdoor sport, some gyms have incorporated machines that simulate the activity and that adjust to the needs of each person, by regulating the intensity of movement. Among its many benefits are:

  1. Burning of calories
  2. Strengthening arms, abdomen, legs and back
  3. Correction of body posture
  4. Reduce the stress
  5. Improves physical conditioning

In addition, the rowing It is recommended as rehabilitation therapy and favors the achievement of goals and teamwork. Before practicing, consult a professional trainer to guide you in your beginnings and avoid injuries or muscle tears.

Do not forget that it is important to have a balance between exercise and a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and foods of animal origin, so you get a slim and firm silhouette. And you, would you like to practice rowing?  

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