Burn calories and strengthen your body!

With the spring heat it is normal for people to wear light clothing, however, some "extra pounds" or the flaccidity that exists somewhere in the body, they prevent the use of certain clothing items. To avoid this, it is important that you practice some exercises to tone the body.

Based on information from Huffington Post, There are some exercises that help tone the body and they will make you enjoy a silhouette of envy. So get to know them and get in shape.

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Burn calories and strengthen your body!

1. Improve your balance. Stand upright with your feet slightly open, at hip height and with a dumbbell in each hand. Flex your left leg and stretch it back, while you bend your trunk forward and stretch your arms towards the floor. Return to the starting position and stretch your left leg to the front and stretch your arms up. Do 15 repetitions with each leg.

2. Works abdomen and chest. Lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand and stretch your arms up. Flex your left knee to your chest, while slightly raising your right leg and stretching your arms to the sides of the body. Return to the starting position and alternate the legs. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

3. Tones glutes, back, arms and abdomen. Put yourself in four points. Flex the left leg, while raising the right arm to the height of your chest. Slowly lower and start again. Do 15 repetitions, alternating legs.

4. Strengthens arms, legs, hips and abdomen. Stand upright with your feet at your hips and a dumbbell in your left hand. Flex your right leg and stretch the left leg to the side. Leave all your weight on your right leg while you pass the left in front, as if you were bowing. Do 15 repetitions.

5. Increase your agility Stand looking to the right and bend your knees (as if you were doing a squat), push yourself and jump while you turn your body to 90 degrees. When going down, take care that your body falls from the left side and slightly flexes the knees, to remain as the initial position. Do 15 repetitions.

Remember that you must combine these exercises To tone the body, with a balanced diet, drink at least two liters of water and go to a specialist in case you want something more personalized. And you, how do you strengthen your body?

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