Breasts age faster

In women, the bodily tissues of the breasts are between two and three years older than the rest of the tissues of your body, which is why specialists in the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA), They consider that the breasts are the part of the female body that ages first.

Steve Hovarth, geneticist at UCLA and lead author of the study, explains that the tissues of the whole body have different ages, however, the most differences are the tissues of the breasts of women, which shows an aging process different from the rest of the body.


Breasts age faster

According to Hovarth, the different parts of our anatomy do not mature at the same time, and to prove this, the study involved the application of a system that can determine the biological age of a tissue by measuring DNA methylation, which is related to certain changes that occur in genes.

In the study published in the Genome Biology magazine , the geneticist explains that "As we get older, each gene becomes more or less methylated; that is, groups of methyl chemicals have been added or eliminated. In general, this increases or decreases the expression of the gene. The whole process is known as epigenetics. "

After the tissue analysis of more than 15 thousand people, the researchers observed that, in general, the biological age of the tissues coincided with the chronological age, except for some tissues in particular, such as those of women with breast cancer, whose tissue of the breasts is up to 12 years older than the rest of the body. In contrast, for a healthy woman, around 45 years old, the age of her breasts is only two or three years older.

In this way, Hovarth and his collaborators, after realizing that the part of the female body that ages first are the breasts, hope that soon they can elaborate some procedure that allows to make some adjustments to the biological clock with respect to the chronological age.

The above, in order to stop the type of aging that deteriorates cells, against diseases such as cancer, which can be even up to 36 years.

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