Breast pump

East instrument or is it thought of mothers who can devote little time of the day to their baby , or that for some reason need to stay away from him for a long time and do not want to deprive him of the multiple benefits of lactation maternal

The varieties of milk extractors vary according to their operation; however, the model selected must be practical and comfortable, as this activity should take a short time. It is also important to check that all its components can be cleaned easily and safely to ensure the health of the baby.

It is also advisable to use this technology in cases of hospitalization of newborns, who can be supplied with breast milk on a constant basis. For this purpose, the mother must extract enough to cover the nutritional needs of the child and possibly accustom their own body to produce a specific daily amount for future feeding at home.

The International Milk League recommends that mothers who can be near their babies from the start and breastfeed frequently, avoid unnecessary use of extractors. On the other hand, they recommend learning and practicing manual extraction techniques to collect milk. The success of breastfeeding does not always depend on a breast pump.