Breast cysts for not breastfeeding the baby

The breast cysts , according to Mayo Clinic specialists, are sacs full of fluid inside the breast . Their Main causes are hormonal imbalances, increased estrogen levels and not breastfeeding!  

The women who are breastfeeding can produce cysts mammary known as milk cysts or galactocele , which contain liquid or thick milk, due to the sudden interruption of the lactation . By accumulating the milk that thickens, it is altered forming the breast cyst .

If not treated quickly, it can become infected and produce mastitis , which is the infection of the breast tissue and manifested through pain, redness and swelling of the breasts .

According to an investigation carried out by Julie Palmer , of the Soné Epidemiology Center of the University of Boston and published in Cancer Epktemiology, Bkmarkers & Prevention , the African-Americans who do not breastfeed their babies are more at risk of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer than those who do .

The self-exploration and the medical review are determining factors to rule out or detect a milk cyst or the possibility of breast cancer .


Feed your baby, check yourself and take care of your health!

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