Breast cancer could be avoided with red wine

The Red wine has many health benefits, because it helps to avoid diseases cardiovascular diseases and improves circulatory system of people. According to a magazine investigation FASEB Journal , this drink helps prevent breast cancer .

The study confirms that the resveratrol (a beneficial ingredient of red wine) can stop the cells that generate the breast cancer , by blocking growth and the way in which estrogens combine with the DNA of women to spread the tumor cells and turn them into malignant ones.

Doctors point out that the resveratrol is a powerful pharmacological tool, which should be used when the breast cancer It becomes resistant to hormone therapy.

In addition, this ingredient is known to have anti-aging properties and it is one of the polyphenols or healthy chemistries, found in red wine.


Breast cancer in the world

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) is the most common among women worldwide; represents 16% of all cancers feminine

For this reason, the WHO joins the fight against this serious disease, by promoting early prevention (leading a healthy life), early detection, as well as an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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