Breast cancer and its social cost

Mexico is one of the 10 countries that will participate in the project on Cost-effectiveness analysis in the formulation of breast cancer policies , organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), with the support of the Foundation Susan G Komen for the Cure, with the purpose of having better strategies in accordance with each nation, that affect the prevention and care of this disease, revealed the undersecretary of Prevention and health promotion , Mauricio Hernández Ávila .

The public official stressed the importance of this workshop because the breast cancer It is a complex condition whose incidence has grown alarmingly in the world, so the interventions to be implemented for its care must be evaluated.

During 2012, 4,454 women over the age of 25 died prematurely in Mexico, with a death rate of 16.5 per 100 thousand women. Hernández Ávila indicated that this disease is one of the 10 priorities of the health sector, so this project is essential to formulate the best effective public policies that permeate the health of people.

In this regard, the owner of the Economic Analysis Unit of the Federal Ministry of Health (Ssa), Fernando Álvarez del Río , stated that the cost effectiveness analysis of breast cancer it is a key element to achieve a greater impact in the instrumentation of schemes that reduce mortality from this disease:

"Through the workshop, the information available in Mexico will be collected, analyzed and used to process the results in the national context, which will specify the financial and budgetary requirements of breast cancer ”.

The countries of Gahna, Jordan, Costa Rica, India, China and Ukraine, among others, will also participate in this workshop. The workshop began on February 2 and concludes on the 4th of the same month; will be taught by experts from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), General Hospital of Mexico (HGM), Popular insurance , general directions of Economic analysis and of Health Planning and Development , Besides of National Center for Gender Equity Y Reproductive health .

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