Brain training for all ages

In its most basic form, it is simply exercising the brain to keep it fit and healthy throughout our lives. It is like the physical training, necessary so that we can live healthy, more time, in control of our faculties and happy with our life.


Brain training, like the physical, helps improve the functions of the body and brain, increases their ability to solve problems, recognition and oral abilities.

You may notice that after some mental exercise, your mind can process information much faster and more efficiently, and your multi-task capability could begin to show.

Studies show that a variety of exercises in the frontal lobe of the brain stimulate the reactivation of neurons and the creativity of gray matter.

Common auxiliaries in brain training

There are very good exercises in the form of fun games to stimulate our minds, the network is flooded with them.

In the outside world, there are the crosswords of the newspapers, the popular Sudoko, the Rubik Cube and some mental gymnastics such as riddles, puzzles and many others.

No age limit

The body can show some signs of wear and fatigue, it is because of them that the exercises must be modified to adapt to the age of the person. Training and other mental calisthenics are for all ages, except perhaps the youngest and the oldest. The following are some of the most common activities.


Memory test

These are always fun and useful. Test your memory at the same time you play, your brain is also stimulated and neurons grow more. Some games are remember faces, names and images.

The spatial intelligence

The Rubik's Cube is a very difficult game that not only stimulates the sense of space, but will also force its sense of logic - why do I move it from this side? -. And finally, it also stimulates your visual memory and reasoning.

Increase in your IQ

Chess is the best strategy game in the world. There are variations of this one that are not as difficult as the real game and also very funny.

In chess, you will learn how to make creative strategies and exercise a more implacable logic in the planning of movements and reactions. If you do not know how to play chess, this is the right time to learn.


This is one of the most exciting games that came out in the 21st century. It's not just a math ride to solve problems, it's another relentless logic in that little game.

All the aforementioned games are guaranteed to stimulate your mental faculties, creativity and reasoning. If you practice them, they will constitute your daily brain training. In addition, everyone can play them from the smallest to the oldest.

Video Medicine: Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (NDS Gameplay) (September 2021).