Brain training and learning

In simple terms, brain training is simply "a set of activities designed to stimulate thinking and problem-solving skills." Nowadays, this has been destined mainly to the elderly.

These exercises are mainly used to improve the thinking and skills of reasoning of this age group. Years ago, it was discovered that older adults who suffered forgetfulness or were unable to use their mental abilities, lost these after a while.

In the course of these exercises, the researchers made another happy discovery. The participants were able to transfer the benefits to other daily functions and activities.

In contrast to their untrained counterparts, those who received training-memory, processing speed and reasoning, had less difficulty performing everyday tasks, such as cooking, managing their finances, and following instructions to take their medications, to name a few. .

Learning problems

On the other hand, the medical authorities have found in the training, great possibilities of attending to elderly people with learning problems. They are older adults who do not seem to be victims of mental deterioration due to illness, abandonment or other causes.


The public schools

Those who are currently older are those who attended the school before the special education programs. In those days, those children with learning disabilities, were considered lacking skills, lazy, which was called euphemistically "slow learning."

In those times, public schools were considered the most efficient in the education of children. They used to be simple with little or no flexibility in the organization, educational practices and their norms.

The way of teaching was mostly lessons in textbooks. Many students who struggled to get ahead could have had better results, with more appropriate educational services.


Many of these poor students did not continue their secondary education. Instead, they chose to work, get married and live their lives as best they can. Despite this, they were among the most productive of their generation and their disability did not affect their performance at work.


Current fight

Today, many of these adults have problems processing information quickly, such as at check-in counters and in other areas where mental speed is necessary.

In general, they have problems reconciling their checkbooks or paying bills. Most have low incomes upon retirement because their jobs were not well paid.

Brain training

Current research has shown-through magnetic resonance imaging-that brain training is effective in improving memory, even in people with brain or learning problems. The theory is that daily mental activity can improve blood circulation in the brain and improve its functions.

Nowadays, researchers emphasize that perseverance is the key to obtaining the benefits of brain training, like any physical exercise. It has also been shown to help improve the mental functions of adults with learning disabilities.

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