Boxing causes severe brain damage

It is expected that the fight Pacquiao vs Margarito Let this weekend, an economic spillover of more than 100 million dollars in the dispute for the world super welterweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC).

The event has been subject to media scrutiny for highlighting that Pacquiao has been called "The executioner of Mexicans" and this fight could immortalize his nickname after 12 wins over 13 fights he has held against Mexicans.

Boxing is one of the sports that has fewer deaths compared to other sports, including British Medical Association (BMA) has stated that the number of deaths What causes is insignificant, however there are studies that indicate that brain injuries in people who practice amateur and professional boxing could be harmful to health.

Wounds and severe bruises are the most frequent injuries that remove participants from the quadrilateral, so that a suture is made or a broken nose is accommodated, but sometimes injuries they can be more severe and result in broken ribs or internal hemorrhages that are difficult to identify with the naked eye.

The boxing consists of men (or women) with strong muscles who hit each other repeatedly, often in the head. And unlike a wrist fracture, the brain damage are permanent and dangerous. According to research by the BBC news network, the symptoms of such injuries affect speech, decrease the reaction time of the body and even cause small "blackouts" or loss of consciousness.

The BMA opposes boxing amateur and professional because more than 80% of boxers have severe brain damage and qualifies the sport as dangerous.