Bottled soft drinks, coffee and black tea

Colitis is a condition that few accept or know how to detect early, the main symptom is intermittent abdominal pain and problems of abdominal inflammation and constipation.

Stress, but especially bad eating habits lead us to develop this disease, therefore, avoid these 5 foods that inflame your intestines to the maximum:


Bottled soft drinks, coffee and black tea

This is basic, the gas of the drinks and the acidity of the coffee or tea, will cause you pain and discomfort, in addition to inflammation and sometimes even nausea.

It only includes a little mineral water and low sodium drinks.


Fatty food

I'm sorry, but all that we love like fried bacon, chorizo, salami, aged cheeses and breads with butter or butter, are the worst.

Consider that here also enter dishes such as hamburgers, pizzas, cakes and snacks that are fried.

Being on a diet like this does not mean it is for life, but you must control yourself while you are in a stage of colitis, whether nervous or physiological.

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