Blood type influences heart problems

According to an investigation of the Harvard Medical School , the kind of blood implies a greater risk to develop a heart disease .

There are four blood groups depending on the antigen which is present in the Red blood cells : A, B, 0 and AB. There is also another antigen which is called Rh, negative or positive.

These antigens they are not only in the Red blood cells , are also found in a variety of tissues , as neurons sensory, platelets or the vascular endothelium . According to this research, having a greater concentration of antigens it is a coronary risk factor.

In the study, blood group data of 62,073 women and 27,428 men were analyzed and the cardiovascular diseases of the participants were recorded, with an age between 30 and 75 years.

With the analysis it was proved that the people of group 0 are the ones that have lower risk of having cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, those that have type AB, are more likely to suffer a myocardial infarction .

These results open the door to new research because, as recognized by specialists, it is interesting to study whether people with different blood types respond differently to different interventions in life habits, such as diet . And you, what kind of blood are you?

Video Medicine: Your Blood Type Partly Determines Heart Disease Risk (April 2023).