David Lee , player of the Warriors of Golden State , had to undergo a second surgical intervention to try to solve the infection that suffers in the left elbow . This convalescence will keep him away from the staves for at least two weeks.

The player must stay several days in the hospital where he will undergo treatment antibiotics under the supervision of doctors to ensure that the infection do not repeat and once you are discharged, you must rest until the wound heals completely.

Fortunately, the infection of the wound that suffers in the inner part of the left elbow has been detected and attended to in time, so did not affect muscles or bones , there is only havoc in the skin and the tissues superficial, so it is expected that his recovery is full and there are no sequels.

Lee's problems began on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, in the game against his former team, the Knicks, when his elbow accidentally reached the mouth of Wilson Chandler . The impact caused a wound in the limb of the player of the Warriors which in principle was not given more importance.

As the days went by, their situation worsened until on Saturday, November 12, 2010, they had to be admitted to the Stanford Hospital in the face of the obvious need to treat the infection he suffered before it spread and caused further damage. According to the doctors who are treating the player, the infection of wounds caused by contact with the mouth, as occurs in the case of a bite , it is usual given the concentration of germs existing in that area.

Source: HispanosNBA

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