Biological age reveals aging

The biological age reveals the real aging of our cells , that is, how they have faced the passage of time. So if you can discover how they have aged, then you can know what your true biological age .

In this regard, researchers from the Max Planck Institute (Germany) identified for the first time a group of proteins that allow to know the true biological age of an individual. These are molecules that are released when the ends of the chromosomes (telomeres) are shortened, a phenomenon that has been shown to be linked to aging, according to information from vitó

The measurement of these telomeres allows us to know our biological age and the propensity to suffer diseases typical of old age, which can be done through an examination of blood , according to Dr. Esther Ovin, a gerontologist who is dedicated to assessing biological age.

"70% of aging is related to the length of telomeres; know her biological age and measuring cell aging through an anti-aging evaluation helps us to know our state of health, and above all to prevent age-related diseases, as well as to improve the quality of life. "

To learn more about the determination of biological age , in GetQoralHealth We present a video of the Shawellness clinic where they explain the telomeric length study:

In addition to the load genetics , the environment and lifestyle, such as stress , food, quality of dream , smoke , to drink alcohol, etc. they influence our body and reduce our quality of life, explains Dr. Ovin.

Therefore, with the intention of preventing diseases related to aging, such as cardiovascular diseases , it is important to start changing our lifestyle habits for the healthiest ones.

Remember that good aging depends on physical, mental and emotional factors, so achieving good health today will allow you to have a better quality of life tomorrow.

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