Beyond the lifestyle ...

It is a trend or lifestyle that in recent years has become more relevant: the vegetarian food . However, there are several variants of this, but in essence it is called vegetarian to people who do not eat meat.

Although the vegetarian diet It is based on vegetables, fruits, seeds and cereals is varied, nutritious and healthy, it may not be so healthy. This is indicated by a study published in the magazine Plos One.


Beyond the lifestyle ...

The investigation carried out by the University of Graz, in Australia , suggests that vegetarian diets could favor both depression as the anxiety, also increase the risk of infarction or tumors.

For this conclusion, the study analyzed the eating habits of 320 vegetarian and carnivorous people. He found that those who base their diet on a green style had a higher incidence of cancer, allergies and disorders mental health.

Being vegetarian does not guarantee good health, or it will depend on the style of each person. Someone who only consumes legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts will have a health profile different from a vegetarian who consumes a diet high in carbohydrates refined like muffins, pastries, cookies and cakes.

If you do without the proteins of meat without adding them in another way, you can suffer severe disorders. That source of nutrients is necessary and should at least be replaced.

Remember, before starting a plan food you must attend with a health expert so that he / she can evaluate your health status and to see what diet is best for you. Remember, each body is different and your well-being is in your hands .

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