Beyond habits ...

Among the chronic-degenerative diseases, the diabetes is the second cause of death in Mexico and the greatest challenge facing the national health system, according to the National Health Program 2007-2012.

However, the diabetes It can also generate disability and other ailments that not only complicate the patient's health, but also diminish their quality of life. This disease generates situations such as kidney failure, amputation, blindness, and much more.


Beyond habits ...

Keep a balanced diet and an exercise routine can favor the decrease in the development of diabetes , but there are other external factors that can detonate it. Here we tell you three.

1. The place where you live. Researchers of the Hospital of San Miguel They found that the more dependent on cars you are to transport yourself in your neighborhood, the greater the risk of developing diabetes. A neighborhood where there are parks and green spaces can influence a better mood to perform physical activities.

2. Pollution . According to an investigation prepared by the Centers for Disease Control people exposed to contaminants from the POP family (mainly pesticides such as hexachlorobenzene or Dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane) raise the risk of suffering by 38% diabetes .

3. Work. An investigation of the University of Pittsburgh He points out that people who do jobs for tummies, even sporadically, have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

However, an investigation published in the journal Nature indicates that Mexicans and Latin Americans have a variant genetics that increases your risk of having type 2 diabetes. Although prevention can be in your hands, try to maintain a balanced life. Beware!

Video Medicine: Going Beyond Habits - BK Shivani (June 2021).