Beyond discretion

It is considered by many a night disorder something indiscreet, but what are the reasons that cause the action of talk between dreams?

Speaking asleep is a disorder which is known as somniloquia, which according to Mercedes Rodrigo Alfageme child psychiatrist of the Maternal and Child Hospital it is an innocuous phenomenon in which one usually expresses simple words or very short sentences. It can be accompanied by laughter, crying and screaming.


Beyond discretion

Through the words expressed during the dream You can reveal truths that you want to hide, but can you avoid it? Here we say some of the reasons that intervene in this disorder, with information from the psychologist Shelby Freedman Harris .

1. Does not distinguish gender or age. Speaking in the dream can happen to anyone, although it does not seem to be hereditary, it affects men and boys more often than women.

2. What triggers it? The most common are alcohol, drug use, fever, stress, anxiety and depression.

3. There is a connection. Sleep disorders such as nightmares, confusion, somnambulism and sleep apnea can trigger it.

4. Any time is good. Speaking during sleep can occur at any time during the night and during any stage of sleep.

5. It is not long term. Talk during the dream It is usually short-lived and does not require any treatment.

6. Care. If it starts after age 25, it can usually be seen along with other medical or psychiatric problems. In severe cases, talking during sleep may be associated with night attacks.

Sleep is essential for good health. Do not forget it, to make it easier and more refreshing to maintain a diet and perform exercise on a daily basis he can help you. Remember that your health is in your hands!

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