Beware of the effects!

It is normal for a person to take analgesics to relieve body aches, but did you know that excessive consumption of these can lead to death?

A study of Brandeis University says that in the last decade, deaths due to an overdose of analgesics in the United States have tripled. It has even surpassed the figures of four thousand deaths caused by heroin or cocaine.

Researchers say that analgesics impact on the receptors of the brain to reduce the perception of pain, as well as to create a feeling of euphoria and a sedative effect, which causes dependence and an increase in the amount consumed.


Beware of the effects!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) detail that one in 20 people over 12 years of age uses opioid drugs in a non-medical manner, that is, they ingest them without a prescription, to obtain the sedative effect and forget about a particular situation.

Even, the CDC indicate that 30% of deaths from overdoses of analgesics are caused by methadone, used to control drug addiction, as well as to alleviate chronic problems such as back pain and discomfort generated by the Cancer .

These centers mention that by the sensation of pleasure or relief, it is normal for people to increase the dose in the consumption of analgesics, but the excess of these generates a decrease in their breathing , loss of knowledge, a heart rate irregular or death.

In addition, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which regulates the consumption of medicines in the United Kingdom, explains that analgesics cause headaches, which affects 5% of the population.

For example, when a person has headache , the immediate response is to take an analgesic; However, this can cause side effects to the patient, which generates a vicious circle and favors the unlimited consumption of medicines.


Reduce consumption and avoid self-medication

One of the causes of overdose by analgesics is the accessibility to these, so countries must implement some programs to prevent self-medication and purchase without prescription.

To prevent mutations of diseases and reduce deaths from overdoses, Mexico has a control of medicines that are only sold by prescription.

This is a good measure to avoid self-medication, however, it is not enough because there are methods that put at risk the health of patients such as prescriptions or fake medicines. And you, do you respect the recommendations of your doctor and the laws of your country?

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