Beware of overweight and medications!

At the end of the day, some people notice that their feet are inflamed or feel heavy; Most of the time it is due to the accumulation or retention of liquids in the lower part of the body, but why other causes swell the feet?

I agree with you National Institutes of Health of the United States (NIH, for its acronym in English), inflammation of the feet is very common among the population, however, there are different factors that generate it.


Beware of overweight and medications!

The NIH detailed that the inflammation can be something temporary, as well as a sign of cardiac, renal or hepatic insufficiency, due to the excess of liquid that is generated in the body; However, the most common reasons for foot inflammation are:


  1. Overweight
  2. Travel by plane or car
  3. Staying a long time
  4. Menstrual cycle or pregnancy
  5. Estrogen intake or medications such as antidepressants or blood pressure


Prevent and enjoy good circulation!

The specialists detail that to prevent the accumulation of liquids in the legs and the inflammation of feet you should only:


  1. Lift your legs above the level of the heart, while lying down
  2. Make movements with the legs
  3. Have a low salt diet
  4. Wear a special piece of rest like socks or socks
  5. Take breaks, stand up and walk during trips.
  6. Avoid wearing tight shoes
  7. Lose weight
  8. Perform some physical activity

Also, when you arrive you can soak your feet in a bowl of hot water, make small circles; this will relax them and favor blood circulation in the area.

If you feel that foot inflammation persists, it is best to go with your doctor to rule out other causes such as illness. And you, how do you take care of your feet?

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