Benefits of vitamins

For our mind and body to function properly, it is necessary that we consume vitamins, as these promote the formation of blood, skin, hair and help strengthen bones.

Various investigations clarify that some vitamins can prevent heart disease, arthritis, cataracts and even some types of cancers.

Most vitamins are obtained from food or supplements, because the body alone does not produce them.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is very common, especially in older adults, pregnant or lactating women, dieters or those who live with a lot of stress.

In addition, there are certain products that decrease the vitamins of our body, such as drinking coffee, smoking, consuming alcohol or frequent use of birth control pills.

Identify if you are missing vitamins

Some signs about the lack of these are fatigue, irritability and anxiety. With the passage of time, the immune system weakens, so it is common for people to be more prone to contracting diseases.

To counteract this, health experts recommend eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes. As well as the use of multivitamin supplements, as long as they are under medical prescription. Do not self-medicate.

Video Medicine: Health & Nutrition : Benefits of Multivitamins (December 2023).