Benefits of kick boxing

This is a contact sport that, through the combination of kicks and fist punches from different martial arts, allows you to burn calories, define muscles , increase the resistance and coordination of the organism, and learn self-defense techniques.

The kick boxing It is an activity that also facilitates the establishment of an intimate relationship between body and mind.

In this sport of personal contact It is very important, because it is based on attack movements and personal defense between two opponents who have a match.

According to Oswaldo Téllez Poo, instructor and personal trainer of this discipline, before beginning a training, it is very important to know perfectly the technique of the kick boxing , as well as knowing everything about the instructor's experience (such as his participation in tournaments or amateur and professional fights as an athlete and / or coach)

At the same time, the monitor must know the health status of the student and, if necessary, have a medical authorization to practice the activity.

Benefits of kick boxing

Experts say that there are many advantages, but the following stand out:

1. Because it is a aerobic exercise high impact, helps you get in shape; there is a very large wear of energy, in addition to Burn calories and define the muscles .

2. It allows to increase the strength and cardiopulmonary resistance .

3. Parallel to the practice of kick boxing , another type of training is done such as jumping rope, running or doing ABS .

4. Contributes to increase the coordination and speed of reaction, since precise movements are taught that are done quickly to surprise the opponent.

5. Thanks to kick boxing , the practitioner learns an effective technique of self-defense: rather than to attack, this discipline serves to defend against an attack in an extreme case.

6. Elevate the self esteem . Knowing how to fight, learn to overcome and cover yourself from blows and be alert to release your hands immediately, offers great security and confidence in oneself.

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