Beneficial yoga to get pregnant

The most common cause of infertility It is dysfunctional ovulation. Apparently factors such as stress or the hormonal imbalance can cause irregularities or completely stop the process of fertilization . Age can also be a problem due to the lower production of ovules, which happens after 30 years.

About, Robin Saraswati Tiberi , teacher yoga , who teaches fertility, said: "In yoga, the body and mind is an inseparable continuum. Stress makes our biological clock go faster. As yoga invites you to slow down, it restores balance and energy throughout the body and its better development. "

The information, published in the newspaper Publimetro, indicates that the yoga teaches us to open the body with the breath, reducing the response to stress , balancing the hormones and returning us to a state of natural peace, which can be maintained even after the birth of the baby:

"The main benefit of yoga is to let go of stress and relax. Many times, this is a factor of infertility. Frequently, when people try to get pregnant, they let themselves be carried away by pressure, "Saraswati reiterated.

On the other hand, Jane Kersel , teacher of yoga , said: "It is the responsibility of each woman to create the most favorable conditions for conception, because the pressure or anxiety for the" need "to be mothers can be overwhelming and cause the opposite effect. A woman can enter into a thought of 'this has to happen', impacting the couple intimately. You can not conceive a baby as if it were a business meeting. "

The body sees the stress as an invader, which tells the agency that for now is not a good time to stay pregnant . Therefore, the yoga It is a method of relaxation reliable and safe, which can make the infertility , caused by stress , reverse.

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