Beer could prevent osteoporosis

As part of the celebration of World Day against Osteoporosis (October 20), a new study recognizes beer as a new way to fight this disease. The reason? Contain silicon , mineral involved in the formation of bone and cartilage.

Osteoporosis is characterized by a loss of bone density and is directly associated with aging.

This condition is accentuated after 70 years, since the density of the skeleton decreases by a third.


Does any beer help?

The publication specifies that not all beers can manifest the positive effect. The most beneficial must contain hops and malt milk.

The study, published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture and conducted by the University of California (United States) found that the silicon content of beer varied between 6.4 and 56.5 milligrams (mg) per liter. The daily consumption of silicon per person is between 20 and 50 mg.

The experts pointed out that there were few changes in the silicon content of the barley during the malting process, since most of the substance is in the pod, which is not greatly affected in the procedure.

This latest research coincides with the one released in 2007 by the University of the Spanish region of Extremadura in collaboration with the University of the town of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, called "Effect of beer intake on bone mass in healthy women pre, peri and postmenopausal. "

The European study showed a reduction in bone density in the group of women who did not drink beer compared with the group of those who did, regardless of age and gonadal status.

Just remember: nothing with excess, everything with measure and now to take care of your bones.

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