Beauty that is not resistant

Distraction , nervousness and even maximize their charms are some of the ways of how they react the mens when they see a pretty Woman .


When men see an attractive woman they devise a mental plan for getting closer . Others simply manifest fears and justifications to put distance ", says Álvaro Bonilla, master in psychology at the Konrad Lorentz University .


Beauty that is not resistant

1. Decrease your intellectual performance. This is shown by a study published in the journal Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology .

Johan C. Karremans , researcher of Radboud University of Nijmegen of the Netherlands, states that men who watch or spend, even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman, perform less in tests designed to measure their intellectual level.


The researchers argue that the reason is that they they use much of his brain function or "cognitive resources " To try to impress to beautiful women, so they have little interest in attending other tasks. "

2. Act to impress. When looking at a beautiful woman, men feel bound to impress them . They anticipate their response; they occupy their mind in imagining what they think of them and what their reaction if they approach, it indicates the investigation of the Radboud University of Nijmegen .


In addition, for most men, the presence of an attractive woman generates the perception that there is an opportunity for courtship" .


3. "Their mouths water." An investigation of the University of Chicago confirms that an attractive woman provokes in men that the production of saliva increase by the signals that the brain send to pituitary gland .


When they talk to them and how much they try to impress , after five minutes your saliva undergoes significant changes by increasing levels of testosterone , male sex hormone. "

James Roney , researcher of Institute of Mind and Biology at the University of Chicago , says that many women can have the "power to make their mouths water in men".

4. They feel intimidated. A study of University of Valencia , Spain and Groningen , Netherlands, states that beautiful women intimidate and they put nervous to men. This is because their levels of cortisol , hormone associated with stress , in the blood they increase.

The researchers point out that while some men avoid This type of relationships because they consider that they are out of reach. Most respond with apprehension and a recurrent pressure that inevitably increases stress .

5. They enter a "state of reward". A beautiful female face produces the same effect of reward that he chocolate , the cocaine and the money at brain of the men.


It seems that there is a difference between what the brain likes and judges as attractive, as well as what it wants and considers as a reward in itself " Hans Breiter, of the General Hospital of Massachusetts in Boston .

There are many reactions that men manifest when they see a beautiful woman. What others do you know?