Be unforgettable

The aromas are fundamental in life; example in the formation of memories and retention of knowledge. Since the perception of a family fragrance while studying can improve memory by 15%, this is suggested by an investigation of theUniversity of Lübeck.

That is, if you want to be reminded, it is important that your scent lasts all day. To do this, before going to bathe, sprinkle a little perfume on the floor of the shower. This will allow you to clean your toilet in an aromatic vapor.


Be unforgettable

However, if this option is not for you. Our friends from Lola told me They offer you other tips that will help you to smell good all day. Click on the video!

Get a pleasant aroma

The olfactory epithelium measures 2.5 cm and contains approximately fifty million cells, which house the chemical receptors responsible for the identification of odors. These cells are structures of the central nervous system, "says a study from the University of Veracruz.

Although, if you want to have a odor that lasts all day, you should take into account that not all aromas are registered by the human nose, this is indicated by an investigation published in the Plos One.

Here we give you the most memorable ones:

1. Wood and resins
2. Fruit trees (citrus fruits are included here)
3. Mint
4. Pepper
5. Sweets; example of the candy.


The appreciation of an aroma is subjective; because it is influenced by particular cultural and emotional aspects. In fact, for some people the same perfume can be pleasant, unpleasant or indifferent, "says the specialist Yesica Herrera Guzmán.

Follow the tips that we recommend and make your smell last all day.

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