Be more aware of your actions with yoga

One way to improve your quality of life is to become aware of your actions. It is said easy, but requires a lot of consistency so that the results are visible. One way to achieve this is through yoga , a discipline that incorporates meditation .

In an interview with Marcia Hidalgo , yoga and meditation instructor , indicates what is the most important benefit of practicing this discipline: "Yoga postures are created to be present and meditation theory is that. It does not mean to put your mind blank or stop thinking. It is lowering the pace of thoughts and that you can control them. "

"The minds of Westerners are super accelerated. The multitasking It is awarded in this culture, but to achieve a state of peace, it is required to lower that level of thought and be present. Accept in the place you are now, enjoy what you are doing. Have peace and peace of mind. "

Hidalgo, clarifies that the yoga It is not reduced in a physical activity: "It does not consist only in making postures. It is a lifestyle, in which your response and reaction to certain circumstances of life will improve, so you can make better decisions. "

Remember that the important thing is to enjoy your present, as well as recognize, accept and work the behaviors that do not allow you to move forward, to achieve harmony and emotional balance. Visit our photo gallery.

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