Be creative!

In this holiday season, take advantage of everything that is around you to surprise your partner with things that increase their pleasure, strengthen ties and end the monotony.

You do not need anything extraordinary, just the willingness to take advantage of every second they spend together, as well as follow the following tips. Your partner will not resist!

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Be creative!

1. Take advantage of the cold. In this cold season it transforms the moment into an experimental heat session at home. Take a bubble bath, awaken your senses through a massage, and of course, when the time comes, improvise positions. Do not stop until all your wishes have been completed. Goodbye cold winter!

2. Path to delight. A lot of party and little time for you? Do not wait to get home to turn on your partner. Give yourself 20 minutes of rapture in the car. Arming your private session of caresses, if the surroundings of the place do not lend, give yourself the task of finding some intimate place and give flight to his inspiration.

3. Sensual Gift . Everything ready for your intimate Christmas dinner? Of course that includes your favorite place and food. Take the moment to the next level, by surprising your partner with a night of extended pleasure, for example, right after the dessert, obséquiale that sexy set of lace in which you always dreamed. You will be speechless!

4. Sensations to celebrate . Blocking a sense makes the rest of them much more receptive, so try to cover your partner's eyes and caress their body carefully, continuing slowly to the limit.

5. Night of Peace. After reaching the climax enjoy silence with your partner (forbidden to use your phone) do not miss the opportunity to tell him how much you like, at the end of a compliment not only will make him happy but also will be the cherry on the cake for a Christmas Eve unforgettable.

Do not forget that to enjoy a safe and pleasant sexual life, you must use a method that protects you from sexually transmitted diseases, which according to the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM, in Mexico they are one of the 10 leading causes of morbidity, when 220 thousand cases are presented annually.

A good option is Trojan Nude Skin, a 40% thinner condom, which also has an ultra-soft premium lubricant that will give them an incredibly natural feel. Nothing better to feel the pleasure up close, the experience will be unique!

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