Basics you should not forget!

Sudas, you make an effort and you give the maximum, and, still, do not lose weight? The first mistake you must be making, according to the coordinator of Fitness of Mocri, Jesús Madrid, is to stop eating. When in reality what you must change is the composition and amount of food you eat.

Since with the exercise you burn calories, You eliminate minerals and alter your muscle mass. To remedy this, Karla Reyes, Nutritionist of Sport City , gives you these keys.


Basics you should not forget!

No matter the intensity of your physical activity (weights or walk), these entails a change in your body that requires some basic measures. Check the list!

1. Sleep. During the night the process of tissue regeneration takes place, both cerebral and physical. If there is no adequate rest there will be no correct recovery and that directly affects your physical and intellectual performance.

2. Eat within 30 to 60 minutes after training . According to the sports nutritionist, Cynthia Sass , exercise puts your muscles, joints and bones in tension. Therefore you need to consume the nutrients that will allow your body to recover from wear and tear.

3. Proteins are not everything. They are the basic component of muscles , so it is important after exercise, but an ideal recovery meal should also include good fat; example, quinoa, sweet potato or bean.

4. Hydrate. Isotonic drinks are a good alternative when you perform intense physical exercise for a long time and in temperatures of more heat. These are designed to quickly replace energy, water and mineral salt losses, thanks to the fact that they contain variable amounts of simple carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, sucrose), points out the Spanish Heart Foundation.

Another rule is that you should reduce your alcohol intake. Since this accelerate the loss of muscle after exercise and strength almost 40%.

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