Basic techniques for using ellipticals

Cardiovascular devices are key in a Exercise routine , since these allow you to burn calories and lose weight. One of the most "successful and demanded" is the elliptical . The basis of its operation is two magnetic traction pedals and two vertical bars that are operated with your hands and help coordinate all movement.

This machine allows various areas of the body to be worked on as buttocks , quadriceps , calves , hamstrings in lower limbs and simultaneously works on abdominals, arms and shoulders. However, not all people know how to handle this type of equipment, so they can present some kind of injuries .

Therefore, we present the following video of the Spanish Heart Foundation , who explain how to use it and what to do to get the most out of it:


Advantages of practicing elliptical

  1. Burns an average of 500 calories in 1 hour
  2. Work in various areas of the body
  3. It is beneficial for your joints, since it is not high impact
  4. Ideal to combine with weight loss plans.
  5. Tones and reduces body fat
  6. Improves breathing

Remember that the ideal is that before making any kind of exercise , go with a physical trainer, to avoid future injuries .