Balance your energy!

Through a to Rome , in an instant our mind can evoke memories that shake the soul, the embrace of a "great love" or maybe the first labor disappointment.

However, the effect of fragrances It goes further, because through them we can enjoy life more from a more relaxed perspective.


"The influence of aromas is so strong, not only at the neuronal level, that they can even contribute to a person developing their personality, has it happened to you that they associate, or relate you, to a specific smell, for example, to flowers? This is also part of the essence of a person, "says the licensed and expert in aromas of Kiotis Paris, María Teresa Cardozo Jaspe.


Balance your energy!

Also the essences can change our environment in favor, they make it more relaxing. The most effective in this are the following:


  1. Lavender
  2. Jasmine
  3. Random
  4. Roses
  5. Orange tree

To be effective, Cardozo recommends using them strategically: if you want to relax to sleep, put them in your night clothes, pajamas, sheets and pillow.

If it is to relieve stress a good alternative is to use them in the body, mainly in the legs, neck and arms.

The most used aroma in Mexico is the floral

Video Medicine: Quick Tips: How to Balance Your Energy (November 2022).