Bad breath may reflect the state of our health

People who care about your breath he usually brushes his teeth or takes a mint, but scientists in Ohio say there are features in the breath that point to diseases hepatic , kidney , cardiac and pulmonary.

The breath it is so rich in chemical compounds that understanding it has been a challenge; each exhalation contains gases like carbon dioxide , volatile remains of snacks, medications and even inhaled compounds such as air pollution .

Breath Link system

Menssana Research biotechnology company developed the Breath Link system, which consists of a sophisticated breath monitor that examines the exhaled air to detect signs of cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis and other ills

These indicators can separate these exhaled substances with great sensitivity; the device can detect compounds in the breath in concentrations of up to one billionth part (one billion times) more sensitive than the breathalyser used by the police.

Researchers believe that this new monitor will help supplement many of the blood tests and CT scans performed today. The system seeks to be designed to function through the Internet.


Natural detectors

The dogs they are animals that, if trained, can detect cancer with smell, with 99% accuracy.

Scientists say that this technology It will be used in a short time in hospitals but they do not know if it will be possible to approach the accuracy of the dogs.

Although this form of diagnosis already used in diseases, for example in the treatment of asthma where the detection of a compound in the breath like nitric oxide is indispensable since the asthmatic patient he has high levels of this compound in his exhalations, which reflects an allergic inflammation in his lungs.

Do you think that this new device will be the future of medical tests?

Video Medicine: Dental Health and Bad Breath,halitosis (June 2021).